I created the Movement Club out of the way I live and share with friends. I needed space to move, I needed something that was outside of the gym, away from the studio, and away from form. We keep putting ourselves in boxes, into forms.

Yes there are forms for a reason, forms that serve us and it is one of the priorities of The Movement Club. However the main priority is to experience different ways of being in our bodies in the constant changing environment of nature. As nature changes, we must also change, adapt, evolve. Movement is also a primary way in which we interact with eachother and relate. All of this is done by moving together in and out of form.

Every day at The Movement Club is different.  Different people, different focus and different environment. I want to be able to adapt, to learn and grow. It feels good to feel free and also deeply challenged by a new perspectives on moving in the world. This is not exercise. This is a lifestyle, it is not something that just happens when we gather but also something that happens when we move on into our everyday life. 

Welcome to the you, you've always wanted to experience!

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