Ep. 30 More Energy & Things I Never Compromise by andrew parr

What things that have the greatest effect on the health of our lives and health of the ecosystem.  Can we challenge and suspend our beliefs to see another side? Glenn Whitehead runs three businesses- A media company, a plant based restaurant that serves thousands in his community and a education platform that integrates new ways of learning.  Learn what Glenn never compromises when running a business.  As a kicker, Glenn is also a competitive ironman athlete.




Ep.29 How playing in discomfort gives you clarity and freedom-Richard Fortin by andrew parr


This episode is about knowing, and more importantly embodying your needs and desires.
How to bust through the distractions and take action in your destiny! 

Also cover

  • Creating and refining your mission. Why it's an important guide.
  • Giving back, the most important part of doing anything.
  • Personal practices and habits. Introducing one new healthy habit has a compound effect on the rest of your life.
  • Cultivating a creative practice.
  • From Industrial Economy to Connection Economy.
  • Playing in discomfort. Finding a practice that gets you out of your comfort zone, often. How this helps to dissolve the fear of taking action.
  • What media strategy is best for you to communicate your message. Free consultation from Rich
  • Cultivating Community

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Ep.16 Hack Your Life and Change Behavior with James Norris by andrew parr


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Free lifehacking tools: www.jamesnorris.org

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Ep.12 Your Body Can Move Better, Inside Mobility Wod with Roop Sihota by andrew parr

Ep. 11 How to Peak Perform in Golf and Life: Train Concentration with Paul Dewland by andrew parr

If you are interested in being coached by Paul contact him at pdewland@coregolfacademy.com OR if you want to come to a weekend golf retreat with Me and Paul to learn the skills that will allow you to access to your best golf and enjoy the game more, please email me at andrewdparr@gmail.com 

Paul's Dewland's LinkedIn

Paul's Website www.puremindgolf.com

MUSE Brain Sensing Headband (meditation tracker) http://meetmuse.com