I'm constantly challenging what I believe to be reality and do this through my own practices and by working and researching with teachers, performers and artists. These are some of the teachers, events and resources that have shaped me this year.


Events This Year

Axis Syllabus

I spent five weeks in 2017 and ten weeks in the past two years studying with Axis Syllabus, An open sourced movement project. Their depth of understanding and also openess to our evolution is what keeps me wanting to learn with them. To find out more about what Axis Sylabus is and where you can learn how to move in your world.  Go to and find a workshop.

Fighting Monkey

"Diversity Breeds Immunity"  




 "Burningman is a Laboratory. Not every experiment works, but we'll never know if we don't try"


Cross country ski marathon in Engadin Switzerland






Dr. Max Neef has the ability to breakdown complex economical, political, environment and human development into a form for all to understand. Dr. Neef has helped better understand what I need to live a fufilling life. By looking at myself through a lense he has created.

Part 1 of Barefoot Economics

Part 2 Barefooot economics and US as underdeveloping country

Jonathan Haidt- Social Psychologist

Jonathan Haidt identifies how it's not in hating the other but collaborating with that we can find what it is we truly need.