This is what I am doing NOW in February

  1. A seven day walking safari in the middle of the Okavaka Delta, Botswana with my partner and guide.

  2. Recording music and videos with Nigerian producer Nonny J and artist Doggido.

    1. Editing music video to be released in Feb.

  3. Performance and Leadership Consultant


I coach Olympians, professional athletes, NCAA teams and those who want to evolve beyond their current perceived limits.



  1. Thrive in Discomfort- Humans seek comfort. I design protocols and experiences that train adaptation within discomfort.  
  2. What's Your Vision? What do you do to see it through?
    • Consult teams and individuals to communicate their vision and develop a strategy to see it through.
  3. Design programs that allow athletes to find fulfillment on and off the field
    •  I help identify patterns that help or hinder performance and fufillment. 
  4. Online Consultation
    • 30 minutes session $75 USD
    • Monthy and yearly (CONTACT ME) below
  5. Facilitate group workshops
    • Design embodied movement practices for greater awareness and adaptation
  6. Keynote Speaking- How Training in Discomfort Can Set You Free
  7. Consult with Tech Companies 
    • CX for Performance Tech




Research and Development

Training with Fighting Monkey 


I'm curious about my experience. I am continually studying with teachers, performers and artists. Finding the common threads and also why differences in practices may be necessary.

Movement Practice

  • Working with Jon Yeun doing an online program 4-6 days per week
  • Fighting Monkey Workshop
  • Trekking the bush for seven days
  • Skiing 

Self Care

  • Sleeping 8+ hours per night
  • Meditation 15-30 min/day (down regulation)
  • Journaling after meditation
  • Tracking lifestyle (sleep, training, recovery, diet, meditation and other breathing techniques) using biotracking devices: EliteHRV,