Ep.29 How playing in discomfort gives you clarity and freedom-Richard Fortin / by andrew parr


This episode is about knowing, and more importantly embodying your needs and desires.
How to bust through the distractions and take action in your destiny! 

Also cover

  • Creating and refining your mission. Why it's an important guide.
  • Giving back, the most important part of doing anything.
  • Personal practices and habits. Introducing one new healthy habit has a compound effect on the rest of your life.
  • Cultivating a creative practice.
  • From Industrial Economy to Connection Economy.
  • Playing in discomfort. Finding a practice that gets you out of your comfort zone, often. How this helps to dissolve the fear of taking action.
  • What media strategy is best for you to communicate your message. Free consultation from Rich
  • Cultivating Community

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