Ep.16 Hack Your Life and Change Behavior with James Norris / by andrew parr


San Francisco-based healthy catering: www.rebeccajeancatering.com  

Bulletproof Coffee 

Soylent meal replacement: www.soylent.me

DIY Soylent meal replacement: http://diy.soylent.me 

Ketogenic Diet: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketogenic_diet

Effective Altruism Global: www.eaglobal.org

Self Spark lifehacking lab: www.selfspark.com

Spark Weekend lifehacking events: www.sparkweekend.com

Free lifehacking tools: www.jamesnorris.org

Effective altruism: www.effectivealtruism.org

Success spirals: http://amr.aom.org/content/20/3/645

Vipassana medidation: www.dhamma.org

Vipassana meditation experiment: www.jamesnorris.org/10-day-silent-meditation 

Set up your own personal hackathon: www.personalhackathon.com 

80,000 hours impact based career consulting: www.80000hours.org

Vibram FiveFinger footwear: www.vibramfivefingers.com

How to run a Junto or mastermind group: www.jamesnorris.org/junto


Coach.me instant coaching app: www.coach.me

A notebook for lists: www.workflowy.com

Team task system: www.todoist.com

Goal tracking with teeth app: www.beeminder.com

Commitment device app: www.stickk.com

Team task system: www.todoist.com 

Slack team communication tool: www.slack.com