Self Care and Movement Practices

these are not absolute but practices that I do over 90% of the time

Self Care

  • Sleeping 8+ hours per night
  • Standing Meditation 30+ min/day
  • Cooking 2/3 of meals
  • Cold water therapy

Movement Practices

  • Movement Practice 3+ hours/day 7 days a week
  • Handstand 10min a day
  • Sprints 1 session a week
  • Juggling 30min a day
  • Jumping 1 session a week
  • Hanging/Pulling my own body weight 10min 5/week

Other things that keep sane

  • Tracking lifestyle (sleep, training, recovery, diet, meditation and other breathing techniques) using biotracking devices: OmegawaveHexoskinMuse
  • 1+ hour solo time with a friend/family
  • Walking the streets 1+ hour/day observing people