This is what I am doing NOW in March

  • This isn't absolute, but practices that I do over 90% of the time.
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Research and Development

I'm curious about enriching my experience. I am continually studying with teachers, performers and artists. Finding the common threads and also why differences in practices are necessary.


Self Care 

  • Sleeping 8+ hours per night
  • Standing Meditation 30+ min/day
  • Fast from 8pm to noon
  • Cooking 2/3 of meals
    • Favorites right now
      • Butter/Coconut Oil Coffee (Blended)
  • Cold water therapy
  • Tracking lifestyle (sleep, training, recovery, diet, meditation and other breathing techniques) using biotracking devices: Omegawave, EliteHRVMuse
  • Walking the streets 1+ hour/day


Reading and Research


Homo Deus- A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari



Movement Practice 3+ hours/day 7 days a week 

  • Geneva Switzerland for March
    • Cross country skiing 2 days/week
      • 21 km race on the March 11
    • Downhill Skiing 1-2/week
    • Dancing 3/week
    • Parkour, monkey bars everyday