This is what I am doing NOW. 

  • This isn't absolute, but practices that I do over 90% of the time.
  • Next Workshop
    • // Art of Movement: Curious Movers Collective //

      An Interdisciplinary Intensive of Axis Syllabus, Qigong, Contact Dance Improvisation and Athletics.

      Saturday January 28 @ Spirit Loft
      $175 +HST
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  • Keynote Speaking
    • the cultivation of focus, confidence and resiliency, through the practice of training in what I call designed discomfort.
  • Meditation, Breathing and Movement WorkshopsFacilitate worshops for teams, businesses, and organizations. Practical applications for self regulation and relational awareness.
  • The Movement Podcast-> iTunes
  • Consult with companies regarding content creation
  • Create websites for friends


Research and Development

I'm curious about enriching my experience. I am continually studying with teachers, performers and artists. Finding the common threads and also why differences in practices are necessary.

Self Care 

  • Sleeping 8+ hours per night
  • Standing Meditation 30+ min/day
  • Fast from 8pm to noon
  • Cooking 2/3 of meals
    • Favorites right now
      • Butter/Coconut Oil Coffee (Blended)
      • Beef broth
        • Bones, water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 tsp of salt, carrots, onions.
        • Slow cooker for 24+ hours
  • Cold water therapy
  • Tracking lifestyle (sleep, training, recovery, diet, meditation and other breathing techniques) using biotracking devices: OmegawaveHexoskinMuse
  • 1+ hour solo time with a friend/family
  • Walking the streets 1+ hour/day observing people

Movement Practice 3+ hours/day 7 days a week 

  • Continuum Movement
    • undulation and singing
  • Started distance running (something I've always resisted). I recently began working with a distance runner and needed to know more from experience. 
    • 7K once per week. Must be on a trail for my sanity.
  • Handstand 10min a day
  • Sprints 1 session a week
  • Jumping 1 session a week
    • Single leg lateral jumps
    • frog jumps
    • jumping fences
  • Hanging/Pulling my own body weight
    • I do this whenever I can during the day. I find playgrounds or scaffolding in the city.
  • Juggling 30min a day



These are books I have read in the past couple months.

I'm not currently reading any books. (Exception Chogyam Trungpa).  Instead I'm doing more creative practices that require listening to myself, not looking outside for knowledge.

Thank you to Derek Sivers for suggest the