This is what I'm doing NOW in August

  • This isn't absolute, but practices that I do over 90% of the time.


I coach athletes of all disciplines who are serious about being their best. I have coached Olympic, professional, NCAA and amateur athletes. 

Do you want to get better today?


  • I help identify patterns that help or hinder performance and create simple programs that allow athletes to find peace on and off the field.
  • I specialize in coaching golf. Check out to find out more or contact me here to get better today.

I'm creating an online mental resilliency training program.

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Research and Development

I spent eight days in Berlin studying with Axis Sylabus, an open sourced movement project. Their depth of understanding and also openess to our evolution is what keeps me wanting to learn with them. To find out more about what Axis Sylabus is and where you can learn how to move in your world.                                   Go to


I'm attending                                                                                                                 "Burningman is a Laboratory. Not every experiment works, but we'll never know if we don't try"

I'm curious about enriching my experience. I am continually studying with teachers, performers and artists. Finding the common threads and also why differences in practices are necessary.


Self Care 

  • Sleeping 8+ hours per night
  • Fast from 8pm to noon
  • Cooking 2/3 of meals
    • Mostly vegetables and fish
  • Tracking lifestyle (sleep, training, recovery, diet, meditation and other breathing techniques) using biotracking devices: EliteHRVMuse
  • Walking the streets 1+ hour/day