To Evolve is the Only Option

We do this through practice and play in relationship with self and other.

What I'm Most Curious About and What I Enjoy

Dancing! How can I feel it all?

I study and train with dancers, athletes, martial artists, movement educators and movement therapists.                                        

How does our relationship with ourselves change our relationships with others and the ecosystem.                    

As humans and animals, I value the importance of a movement practice for my evolution and my sanity.

Meditation also allows me to know myself more deeply, to understand my suffering. This helps me understand who I am in respect to those around me, and who I am on my own. It also helps me see the inevitable, change.

Now and Future

We live in this world together, we are the ecosystem.  What are my humanly needs. What is the impact, of consuming or doing on the environment or on others?  Examining whether these needs are in violation of others needs.

What is enough? Enough money, enough clothes, enough food?


Some thoughts and stories of personal events

I’ll start with a story of of boy raised in Canada. As a child I wanted to do was to play all sports, all the time. Hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track and field, golf, I played them all. There I learned team cooperation, discipline, grit, mastery.

I was sensitive, driven, imaginative and resilient.

I started playing golf at the age of 8, something my father and I did together for fun. I remember playing with him after he finished work. The feelings of excitement still come to me whenever I think back.

My father died suddenly

He had a heart attack when I was 12. This brought what felt like extreme suffering, anger and confusion. At that moment as a boy,  I felt myself turn into a forty year old. Being the eldest child I felt responsible for my mother and siblings. This was a story that I held. Although I felt extremely alone, I realise now that I had and still have a strong community of friends and family around me.

These feelings of anger fueld endless energy that I directed into playing golf to honor my father. Thinking it would heal wounds and unite my family.

With this drive, I nurtured an unstoppable mindset. I was the captain of the 6th Ranked Texas A&M Aggies and was ranked 15th best amateurs in the world. Was the Medalist at the Canadian Amateur and part of the three man Team Canada that finished second at the World Amateur.


I had a stoke

at the age of 24, during my first year as a professional. And experienced temporary paralysis on the right side of my body. Facing what seemed like a career ending moment, turned into a glimps of enlightenment. I began challenging what I believed to be true, in the world and my own experience. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for my existence and this fueled a comeback that began by qualifying for the Shell Houston Open only 6 months afterwards. Later on, the Canadian Open and US Open….

This brought me to...

Play professional golf for eights years on every major tour in the world, in close to 40 countries, I wanted to experience it all.

Created with my community the worlds most successful Crowdfunding campaign for any individual athlete. #TeamParr2014

Studied and worked with the world's best coaches.

I retired from professional golf because what I valued changed. Over the course of the varied experiences of these travel defined years, I went from only caring about myself to the realisation that I have compassion for other people. There had been a single minded focus that took me away from this.

Within a month after my last tournament I started The Movement Podcast in an effort to uncover the beautiful stories that exist within all of us. And to open a world of curiosity within myself and others. What if we can challenge what we believe to be true?

This fostered my curiousity and enabled me to spend time with a greater diversity of people.

It’s the richness of relationships that make the endeavor worth pursuing

#JoinTeamParr was the most succesful campaign for any individual athlete. I'm deeply grateful for my community.